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From Manager Desk

Dev Samaj Vidya Niketan School

Dev Samaj Vidya Niketan Senior Secondary School, Gurugram, is one of the 22 premiere institutions of The Dev Samaj Society. This religious and educational Society is serving humanity and other living/nonliving kingdoms of nature for the last 135 glorious years. All our institutions are serving lower middle income groups. The average annual fees per student per annum is a nominal Rupees sixty thousand only.

Academically, our school delivers 100% excellent results in CBSE examinations year after year. Our school aims at enhancing the self esteem of one and all.  We work on self-confidence, self-dependence and good communication skills leading to harmony in every relationship to achieve greater heights in life and career.

Therefore, before you make your choice there are some features of our school I would like to share with you.

Ours is a co-educational, based school where boys and girls study together in an integrated manner and learn to live harmoniously with each other. We ensure a school environment that encourages such relationships among children, and between children and adults that make them feel good about themselves and about others. Without no time children at RLMSSS master the necessary skills in number work, languages, computer, Sports and other activities. By the time student the leave school they shall be well adjusted, self-motivated, self-directed and independent individuals.

We endeavour to give the child such strong roots in his culture and society, and other abilities that he develops the confidence and motivation to soar to the skies and be the best that he is capable of being.

Yours sincerely